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A picnic at Governor’s House

Residents of Green Oaks thoroughly enjoyed a celebratory picnic at the Governor’s House. This wonderful event was hosted by His excellency and Lady Corder to support Dementia Friendly Guernsey and was open to everyone in the community who are living with dementia, their families and

Battle of Flowers at Coolderry

Coolderry House had a wonderful time last week enjoying a ‘battle of the flowers’ themed party with flower arranging, hook a duck, skittles, bean jar, gauche melee and more!

Liberation Day 9th May 2020

This year we celebrated a very special 75th anniversary of Liberation Day in Guernsey. Our Residents enjoyed creating decorations in remembrance of this special day.  Our Activities Coordinator also worked with our Residents and Staff to create a special sensory map of Guernsey, showing all